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Meet the Finalist: Mike Stutz, "Call of the Clown Horn"

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I was drawn to the movies from a very early age. While other ten year olds were seeing Disney movies, I was going to see Monty Python, Woody Allen and any indie movie that came through San Diego, where I grew up. I think my parents and older siblings just took me to whatever movie they wanted to see, regardless of how "appropriate" it might be. I'm very glad they did. As I grew up, working in theater, film and television, I used writing, and later directing, to process my feelings on all sorts of subjects. More and more I found using humor, even in the darkest situations, helped make things less scary. I still use my films to work through whatever troubles me and/or fascinates me.

What's is your all time favorite film? Why is it special to you?

There are dozens of good answers to this. But if I have to narrow it down to one, I'll say the Coen Brothers' Barton Fink. It blends incredibly imagery, some really funny dialogue and a whole lot of existential dread, mostly as it relates to the creative process, to create a surreal universe of anxious discovery. You can't really say if it's a comedy or a drama. That's my favorite kind of movie.

What tips would you give aspiring filmmakers who are just starting their careers?

Don't try to create something perfect. Just create as much as you can and learn, both from what works and what fails. Shooting a movie on your phone is still shooting a movie. You can try different angles, experiment with dialogue, create new ways of looking at characters. You don't have to wait for just the right equipment and crew to make something. Also, be generous with your time with others. Volunteer to help any friend who wants to create something. If it's terrible, you can see what doesn't work for you. If it's interesting, you've found another collaborator for the future.

Follow the artist on social media:

IG: @resistanceclown, X: @suicideblows

Tags: 7th Annual New York Film Awards 2023


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