Meet the Finalist: Chris & Maurice Micallef, "The Normans"

Tell us about yourself, and about The Normans. ​ CMM Productions is composed of a father and son team, namely Maurice (84 years of age) and his son Chris (52 years of age). Maurice, has an impressive track record in film-making, which goes back to 1964 when he produced his first documentary ‘A Glance at Valletta’-a twelve-minute insight of the capital city. In 1972, with the help of the Italian government, Maurice was sent to RAI studios in Rome where he gained technical know-how and experience which was to become an asset in his film-making career. The a critically-acclaimed winning documentary about ‘The Phoenicians’ which has garnered no less than 24 international awards amongst them the

Meet the Finalist: Keith Large, "Guilty Bunch Of Flowers"

Tell us about yourself, and about Guilty Bunch Of Flowers. ​ After winning a play writing competition I began to write more short plays and subsequently began producing some of them. This led me to meeting actors who I love working with, so I am delighted we have been nominated as a finalist for Best Ensemble for our short film ‘Guilty Bunch of Flowers’. The cast were fantastic to work with and we had such a happy set. Share a memorable moment you experienced working on this project. A memorable moment had to be taking the cast to a roadside diner that is full of boxing memorabilia. When the owner of the diner found out one of the actresses in ‘Guilty Bunch of Flowers’ also coaches boxing we

Meet the Finalist: Maximillian Remmler, "Sleep is for the Week"

Tell us about yourself, and about Sleep is for the Week. ​ I've been making short films since my high school days, although I made my first “movie” at the age of 9. As many do in high school, I had a lot of insecurity built up which led to embarrassing clumsy behavior. I treated Sleep is for the Week as an escape from that behavior. It was a way for me and so many others to look back on their former selves and think, “Wow I'm not this person anymore, but remember when I was?” Share a memorable moment you experienced working on this project. There were so many! So many in fact that the amount of behind the scenes footage was far longer than the actual film. One moment I loved was when my prod

Meet the Finalist: Benjamin Folstein, "Zog: The First Feminist"

Tell us about yourself, and about Zog: The First Feminist. ​ HI! I'm Benjamin Folstein, a New York City resident, currently making a living as an art swing on film sets. Zog: The First Feminist is one of a series of "animusicational" videos I've been developing since about 2016. The project on a whole is an attempt to reach out to children and address topics that their parents aren't necessarily keen to discuss. The potential existence of god, what happens when you die, or where babies come from are a few of these. This particular film is a fanciful speculation on who the very first feminist might have been, and what sort of challenges she might have faced. Share a memorable moment you exper

Meet the Finalist: Samuel Garza Bernstein, "The Secret World of Danny Lopez"

Tell us about yourself, and about The Secret World of Danny Lopez. ​ Much of my life and writing reflect the wild intersections of modern life. My undocumented Mexican mom passed as white, and my Jewish, Texan dad sold arms to the Palestinians when we lived in Egypt. I was a gay Jewish kid surrounded by hot Muslims. I'm also a 2018 WGA writers access project honoree for "The Secret World of Danny Lopez.” I won Best Screenplay at UK/NY fests for "Elephant & Castle" and a G.L.A.A.D. nomination for the Showtime film "Bobbie’s Girl" (Emmy nom Bernadette Peters). Episodic credits range from the CBS drama "Judging Amy" to Nickelodeon's "Shimmer and Shine." Share a memorable moment you experienced

Meet the Finalist: Michael Boston, "Jesus Rides A Harley"

Tell us about yourself, and about Jesus Rides A Harley. ​ Me, being the lone finalist from our film, I can tell you, that I DO share this nomination with all that helped us complete this film. It was a very give-and-take production. I'm a hands-in-the-dirt blue collar worker from the Midwest that grew up watching cinema mostly on my own, and was inspired late in my 20s to move into this arena. I often got goosebumps watching great actors and I still do today. Share a memorable moment you experienced working on this project. The most memorable moment actually came three days before our first shot. I was struggling to find the perfect motorcycle for the film... and quite desperate. What was I

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