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Meet the Finalist: Ary Satish, "Take Care"

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Growing up watching movies with my father and seeing the way he talked about them made movies feel really special to me as a kid. Then, as I got older, I found out that performance was an area I had a lot of talent in, so I pushed it through theater shows all throughout school and by playing sports, until I finally got accepted into New York University's Tisch School of the Arts to do acting. This is where I honed my craft and truly inspired me to live a life of filmmaking and acting.

What's is your all time favorite film? Why is it special to you?

My favorite film of all time is Cast Away, directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, and Nick Searcy. It's special to me because no other film can show story, love and loss quite like that movie. Every scene is a pinnacle moment and a moment where you learn something about humanity in general or at least recollect human things which you never think about in the day to day.

What tips would you give aspiring filmmakers who are just starting their careers?

Once you know this is what you want to do, give yourself entirely to it. Don't ever give up. Don't ever convince yourself or let others convince you that you can't do something. Dreams very much do come true. You have to visualize your success. Every detail of it.

Follow the artist on social media:

Instagram: @arysatish_

Tags: 7th Annual New York Film Awards 2023


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