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Winners - February 2023

Best Picture

The Fate of Cysalion - Marc Blasweiler

Best Narrative Film

Vision of Love - Felicia Gonzalez Brown

Best Indie Film

Ghostlove - Susanne Palm

Best Fantasy Film

The Fate of Cysalion - Marc Blasweiler

Best Experimental Film

The Coronation of the Dauphin - Duane Michals

Best Director

The Fate of Cysalion - Marc Blasweiler

Best First Time Director

Khafifa | Chapter I - Hope - Eldar Yusupov

Best Duo

Vision of Love - Louise Sunners & Ellen Costa

Best Score

The Ghost in The Machine - Christina Giannone

Best Feature Screenplay

As Scared As You - Jesse Dorian

Best Short Screenplay

Transgression - Egor Vadimovich Pogodin

Winners may order the official New York Film Awards statuette

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