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Meet the Finalist: Chen Hung-Cheng, "Following The Avatamsaka Sutra on A Journey"

Tell us about yourself, and about Following The Avatamsaka Sutra on A Journey.

Chen Hung-Cheng, Male, born in 1965, work in information service industry nearly 30 years. Since 2016, begin to learn film documentaries at Community University in Taichung City. Real record, record true. This film records the Masters of the Yuandao Temple, leads a group of heart-felt Bodhisattvas, supports the journey of Hua Yan Jing, and encounters some incredible stories on the journey. And my finalist in the category of New York Film Awards is “Best Documentary”.

Name 3 collaborators that you'd take with you to any other project.




Tell us about the challenges in making a documentary.

After the whole film was completed, I realized that in any difficult setbacks we encountered during the filming process, some people suddenly came to help at the crucial moment, who would meet in our life journey, what did it accomplish, Buddha The Buddha has already been arranged.

What do you hope to achieve in your career in the next 5 years?

I am looking forward to a new challenge and an opportunity to use my technical skills and experience in a different field. I recently started my master’s courses, Department of fine arts, and I would like to apply my acquired knowledge and experience in my job in the next 5 years.

Following The Avatamsaka Sutra on A Journey is nominated for Best Documentary of the Year at the New York Film Awards.

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