"Suddenly, the script started writing itself. It was amazing!"

Jarek Marszewski is an award-winning director from Poland. Last year, Jarek won Best of Fest award (best film of 2017) at the New York Film Awards, with his feature film "Bikini Blue". Bikini Blue is a UK based Post War drama, where an English-Polish couple look to build a new life in Britain, only for his past to come back to haunt them. We asked Jarek to join us for an interview and were truly inspired by a passionate artist who doesn't let anything stop him from making films. Tell us about your background. Did you always know you want to be a film director? Almost always - I decided to become a filmmaker when I was seven, after watching a Japanese cartoon version of „Puss in Boots” which

"I wanted to create an emotional reaction without using dialogue"

Warren Flanagan has worked on several blockbusters as a concept artist & illustrator, including The Revenant, Star Trek: Beyond, Man of Steel and Godzilla. In between working on some of Hollywood's biggest sets, Warren made his directorial debut. Set in the future, "Metta Via" tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a mysterious 'temple like' room and must figure out what her purpose is there. This in turn leads to her memories being unlocked and the true purpose of the temple, the strange sentient machines that surround her, and ultimately her final destination. This short film recently won Best Picture award at the New York Film Awards, receiving a particularly high rating from th

"It’s absolutely not a weakness to listen to suggestions on set"

Sam Bradford is an award winning Director born in Kent, England. His latest short film, Edelweiss, has found great success in many festivals across the globe and has won multiple awards on the circuit, including Best Picture at the New York Film Awards. Edelweiss is inspired by real events discovered within the pages of a WW2 soldier's journal. When Emma Fisher and Sonu Louis (writers and lead actors) first approached him with the script, he fell in love with this unique and humane story of two people who connect despite the horrors of war. We asked Sam to join us for an interview, and met a passionate director who brings a message of kindness and humanity, not only in his films. Sam, tell u

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