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Winners - September 2021

Best Picture

Darts - Cosimo Tucci

Best Narrative Feature

Adieu Lacan - Richard C. Ledes

Best Indie Feature

Alone - Peter Molnar

Best Indie Short

Moments Fleeting - Justin Li

Best Comedy

Darts - Cosimo Tucci

Best Inspirational Film

86ED - J.J. Hendricks

Best Documentary Feature

Bringing Assad To Justice - Ronan Tynan

Best Documentary Short

The Simple/Crazy Life of Henry Cole - Melvin Audaz

Best Student Film

Moments Fleeting - Justin Li

Best Young Filmmaker

In Scope - Peter Zhu

Best Actor

Adieu Lacan - David Patrick Kelly

Best Actress

Adieu Lacan - Ismenia Mendes

Best Supporting Actress

Adieu Lacan - Antu Yacob

Best Young Actor

In Scope - Kaysan Dhanji

Best Cinematography

Darts - Roger Singh

Best Editing

86ED - Alan Smithee

Best Screenplay

Matinoïa - Rebecca Clarisse Jacoby

Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)

Cuba Libre - Brian Ghi

Winners may order the official New York Film Awards statuette

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