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Winners - May 2021

Best Picture

Now is Now - Peter Szajki

Best Narrative Film

Volcano - Yutong Lu

Best Indie Feature

Ramesses - Kevin Austra

Best Drama

Volcano - Yutong Lu

Best Horror

Bloodline - Richard Poche

Best Romantic Comedy

Now is Now - Peter Szajki

Best Documentary Feature

Clothes in Conversation - Hiroki Kawai

Best Music Video

Butterfly - Michelle May

Best Student Film

Kintsugi - Justine Kaneda

Best Director

Volcano - Yutong Lu

Best Actor

Ramesses - Sedric Willis

Best Actress

Now is Now - Kátya Tompos

Best Supporting Actor

Ramesses - Mark Distefano

Best Supporting Actress

Now is Now - Lovas Rozi

Best Score

Let It Go - Nishad

Best Original Story

Now is Now - Peter Szajki, Adel Szajki-Vörös

Best Screenplay Feature

Postman - Anthony DiVastanzo

Best First Time Screenwriter

Curious - Anthony DiVastanzo

Winners may order the official New York Film Awards statuette

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