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Winners - December 2022

Best Picture

Mir - Nicolaus Taylor

Best Narrative Film

Mir - Nicolaus Taylor

Best Drama

Take Care - Imani Christopher, Jabu Ndlovu

Best Sci-Fi

tRuth - Sylvie Zaidman, Nic Shake

Best Parody

ALMOST Home Alone - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Best Music Video

In a Tamasic World - Camilla Martini

Best Student Film

Lovelots - Jennifer Maliwanag

Best Microfilm

The Five Stages of Grief - Adler James Tuck

Best Actor

Take Care - Ary Satish

Best Actress

Take Care - Imani Christopher

Best Actress in an Indie Film

Mir - Emily Krusche-Bruck

Best Duo

ALMOST Home Alone - Mike Alves & Tim Eager

Best Cinematography

In a Tamasic World - Eleonora Patriarca

Best Commercial

ALMOST Home Alone - Lisa Marie Tedesco

Best Screenplay

Spyder: One Man's Quest for the "Little Bastard" - Brett Howard Nelson

Winners may order the official New York Film Awards statuette

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