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Meet the Finalist: Ella West Jerrier, "Wait For It"

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

When I was 11, I played the lead role in a Lifetime TV Movie called "Terror In The Woods". I was fascinated by everything it took to make the movie behind the scenes. I fell in love with the idea of taking something from a written page and shaping it into an actual scene.

What's is your all time favorite film? Why is it special to you?

Interstellar is one film I keep going back to. It's one of the first films that constantly had me thinking about how they tied all of the loose ends together. Things that made no sense the first time you saw them, made sense as the movie progressed. There were a lot of A-Ha! moments. I also loved The Force Awakens...not necessarily for the movie specifically, but coming out of a doctor appointment, my Dad had me ditch school to go see a matinee of it! It was also a gateway film to all of the Star Wars IP for me!

What tips would you give aspiring filmmakers who are just starting their careers?

Everything that can go wrong on your first set, will go wrong. Bad sound, bad lighting, cameras don't work, actors don't show, etc. Go with the flow. Be prepared and be organized. Make sure you have a shot list!

Follow the artist on social media:

Instagram: @ellawestofficial @birddogfilmco

Tags: 6th Annual New York Film Awards 2022


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