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Meet the Finalist: Michael Boston, "Jesus Rides A Harley"

Tell us about yourself, and about Jesus Rides A Harley.

Me, being the lone finalist from our film, I can tell you, that I DO share this nomination with all that helped us complete this film. It was a very give-and-take production. I'm a hands-in-the-dirt blue collar worker from the Midwest that grew up watching cinema mostly on my own, and was inspired late in my 20s to move into this arena. I often got goosebumps watching great actors and I still do today.

Share a memorable moment you experienced working on this project.

The most memorable moment actually came three days before our first shot. I was struggling to find the perfect motorcycle for the film... and quite desperate. What was I going to do... change it to Jesus Rides A Bicycle? As a last resort, I went to a local motorcycle shop and was told they couldn't rent me one but this young lady, who seemed completely out of place here, Jocelyn, who I had explained the story to while in the waiting room, came up behind me as I was about to leave, and said "I can rent you mine". What?! She pointed it out on the lot and there it sat. It was perfect. We talked and we realized that she lived in my hometown (was just here temporarily), for one, but we also realized we had so many other things in common. We both agreed that it was fate that I ended up there and she was there on that very day. It worked out perfect and I look at that bike obviously as more than a prop but almost as the best friend of my character.

Name 3 collaborators that you'd take with you to any other project.

I would always start with in my head with Steven Jared Mangurten, a terrific Director of Photography, an editor like Rebecca Grace or Pedro Gonzales Kuhn and actors like Piankhi Iknaton, Samuel Whitehill and Shannan Leigh Yancsurak off the top of my head and of course Joanna Easton and Sequoia Thompson who I respect tremendously for their integrity and professionalism. Oh, I'm sorry, that's more than three, right :)

3 tips you’d like to share with aspiring artists in your field:

Stay way from negative people. Believe in yourself. Respect your collaborators.

What do you hope to achieve in your career in the next 5 years?

To still be able to do what I love and to hopefully grow more as a filmmaker.

Michael Boston is nominated for Best Actor of the Year at the New York Film Awards.


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